Piano Cleaning

Piano Cleaning Services To Preserve Your Piano's Beauty & Sound

Get rid of the dust and dirt

Our meticulous piano cleaning process employs High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuums for comprehensive soundboard care and Cory cleaning products for pristine keys. Special attention is given to the areas beneath the strings of grand pianos, ensuring a spotless instrument inside and out, safeguarding against dust and dirt that can compromise both the instrument’s sound and your respiratory health.

Piano Cleaning Experts In Central Pennsylvania

Osborne & Everett extends comprehensive piano cleaning services beyond Carlisle, reaching Harrisburg, Camp Hill, Gettysburg, Hershey, and Lancaster. Our approach is thorough and detail-oriented, ensuring each piano, from residential spaces to institutional settings, receives the highest standard of care.

Our service doesn’t stop at cleaning. We also provide expert piano tuning, repair, and appraisal services, alongside detailed estimates for all work. Understanding the need for comprehensive care, we offer climate control systems to protect your instrument year-round. For pianists in Pennsylvania seeking unparalleled service, Osborne & Everett is your trusted partner for maintaining your piano’s excellence.

Delivering beyond expectations, our technicians are not just service providers but caretakers of your piano’s legacy. We also understand the nuances that come with different piano brands and styles, from the majestic grand to the humble upright, ensuring personalized service for every type of piano owner. With Osborne & Everett, your piano deserves nothing but the most dedicated care.