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Comprehensive Piano Services Including Tuning, Repairs And More

Our Services

At Osborne & Everett, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional in-home piano tuning and repair services across the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area. Our team of seasoned technicians is deeply committed to refining your piano’s performance, offering expert tuning to ensure each note resonates with clarity, comprehensive repairs to address any wear and tear, and meticulous cleaning to maintain your piano’s aesthetic and acoustic qualities. Our services are conveniently brought to your location, ensuring minimal disruption to your routine while we care for your instrument.

Our expertise extends beyond routine maintenance; we have a special focus on the restoration of historical pianos, bringing old-world craftsmanship to modern-day piano care. This dedication allows us to contribute to preserving the rich musical heritage inherent in these timeless instruments. At Osborne & Everett, every piano is treated with the respect and attention it deserves, ensuring that the legacy of music continues to enrich lives in our community.